Customization as a starting point

Customization as a starting point

For young people

For young people

 Appropriate offers

What we do for young people

We offer a personalised service to young people in Burkina Faso to enable them to quickly find a suitable job with one of our clients. We always favour a long-term working relationship and pay particular attention to young people from disadvantaged situations.

A few days' training, learning on the job or training that takes a little longer? We look for the perfect match, develop talents and match them to the specific demands of the labour market.

Long-term participation

After placement, we stay involved. We provide retraining further training and refresher training as part of long-term partnership.
Because young people are dynamic, a job is not an end station for them. We remain involved and together, time and again, we look for ways to make the best use of their gifts and talents in their (independent) work.


In addition, we offer training and skills to young people to make the step to self-employment.

  • We guide young people in the development of business plans.
  • Put them in touch with relevant expertise and support them in accessing finance.
  • We do this with our financial partners, usually in the young person’s country of residence.


We remain involved and offer guidance in growth towards follow-up steps, such as becoming an employer.

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