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Who we are

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Developing the gifts and talents of young Burkinabè

Who we are

We are Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso, a social enterprise, subsidiary of Job Booster NL BVAn initiative of the Dutch NGO Woord en Daad based in the Netherlands.

Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso aims at the economic and social development of Burkina Faso by facilitating access of young people to employment, training and self-employment opportunities. This vision is in line with the Burkinabe government's policy as expressed in the PNDES, which is based on 14 sectoral policies, including that of labour, employment and social protection. The latter, which extends over a ten-year period (2018-2027), covers a broader area than employment policy in the strict sense. The focus is on promoting decent employment and supporting the socio-economic empowerment of women and combating gender inequality.

Our mission

Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso is a social enterprise whose mission is to accompany and help young people to access decent paid employment or to create and manage their own business.

JBSE-BF also offers companies its expertise in human resources consulting for the management and capacity building of their human resources.

JBSE -BF can also act as an executing agency for the implementation of youth employment components of development projects within its area of expertise.

Our vision

The vision of Job Booster Social Enterprise Burkina Faso is to significantly increase the number of young people with access to a regular and sustainable income. In the philosophy of JBSE-BF, young people have access to a regular and sustainable income and therefore a decent and rewarding life because they contribute significantly to the development of the country, the less there will be young people in precarious situations, prey to social ills and burdened by the community.

Dignified and inclusive work

Dignified and inclusive work and an inclusive labour market are not just concepts to us. The standards set by the International Labour Organization for dignified work form the basis of our approach. But for our clients, and especially for disadvantaged and underprivileged groups, we like to go a step further.

Personal and organizational development, long-term impact and equal opportunities are key focus points.

We believe that each person is created with unique gifts and talents, which flourish when one is able to develop, provide for oneself and one's family and make a meaningful contribution to organisations and society.

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